Antique Georgian Gemstone Fob Necklace

CIRCA - 1830s late Georgian

Created during one of my favorite eras in jewelry, this beautiful and old Georgian large gemstone fob has a delightful shape with gorgeous and romantic rose blossom details in the gemstone mounting.  The Rock Crystal (Quartz) gemstone is large and sparkling at 18 x 15 mm and is foiled backed.  The fob has a very extravagant, stately and ornate feel to it and is in very good condition.  An antique gold filled watch chain with original toggle clasp is included.  This very collectible and unique fob necklace offers gorgeous design, quality workmanship and is easily an heirloom worthy piece of jewelry to add to your collection.  

MATERIALS - gold filled

GEMS / STONES - 18x15mm cushion shaped step cut Rock Crystal (Quartz) gemstone 


CONDITION - All original and very good. The foiling behind the gemstone is in very good condition with only a few slight tarnish spots seen under loop magnification.  There are no chips or nicks on the gemstone.  

SIZE - 1 & 1/4" tall by 3/4" inch wide.    Weight: 22.1 grams (with chain)

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