Victoria's English Garden 9k Locket


Created during the time when Queen Victoria ruled over England, this superb locket comes from England and dates to mid-to-late 1800s.  It is a lovely bright and warm yellow gold color and is made in 9k gold, typical of the era.  Both sides of the locket have the same beautiful engraved leaf details.  The inside of the locket has a framed and covered compartment to insert a cherished photo. This very special and unique locket offers gorgeous design, quality workmanship and is easily an heirloom worthy piece of jewelry to add to your collection.  

MATERIALS - 9k gold 



SIZE - Locket: just over 1" tall and just over 3/4" wide.   Weight: 6.2 grams   Chain not included


ABOUT OUR LOCKET COLLECTION:  Many of our lockets date from the Mid-Victorian to the Edwardian eras.  We love lockets and think that they are the perfect piece of romantic jewelry for those who enjoy sentiment, style and history. 

Our lockets are in good to excellent condition for their age but may show signs of wear or tarnish.  Our jewelry pieces are photographed in natural light and are un-retouched to show their true condition and appearance.  On occasion, some areas that appear to have tarnish may only be showing reflected shadows that appear during the photography session.  If you have any questions about the condition of a locket, we encourage you to contact us prior to your purchase.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Your locket will open and close properly.

NEED A CHAIN?  Chain and additional lockets shown for illustration only and are not included unless otherwise noted in the description.  Need a chain?  Visit our Chain Page to view our current collection.




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