Antique Enamel Bird Locket


Victorian, c. late 1800s

This beautiful and rare find is a lovely Victorian enamel painted locket or memento holder with gorgeous hand-painted details which includes a bird with outstretched wings flying over a landscape of romantic roses and blue forget-me-nots.  The blue clouded sky and luscious greenery complete the amazing details on this superb locket.  The vivid colors on the locket include pinks, muted reds, blues, purples, greens, yellow and black.  The beautiful hand-painted panel is encircled with intricate engravings with black enamel work that shows off the fine details of this stunning locket.  All the enamel work is in beautiful condition.  

Turn the locket over and you are presented with an equally beautiful sight!  The back is engraved with a bird nesting among flowers and leaves.  The locket opens to reveal a spacious compartment that can hold a small object or perhaps some cherished photos.  There are no fittings and the bottom of the right side of the locket is painted with black enamel, which could easily be covered by fabric, paper or photos of your choosing.  The locket opens and closes tight and secure.

MATERIALS:  10k gold engraved back panel (tested) the front panel is gold plated.



CONDITION:  Very good condition with expected minor surface wear.  Locket closes tight and secure.    

SIZE:  Locket: 1" by 1 5/8" inches.  Weight: 6.8 grams   Chain:  18" inch new 14k gf 

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