Scottish Double Heart Luckenbooth Pendant

Circa:  1990s

This delightful and beautifully detailed double heart pendant was acquired in Scotland and is a classic symbol of romance and love that has existed for centuries in Scotland.  We converted our brooch into a pendant for a more modern way to wear this gorgeous piece. 

Dating back to the 1600s, Luckenbooth brooches were sold in jewelry stalls (booths) along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh which is where the name originates.  These sentimental pins were often exchanged between lovers on their betrothal.  This design features two hearts merging together with a center thistle in-between and crowned with love, the Luckenbooths were typically worn on the wedding day and then pinned to the blanket of their first born child.

Materials:  Sterling silver

Hallmark:  925 Edinburgh

Condition:  Very good condition

Size:  1 & 1/4" tall x 1 & 1/4" wide.  Weight:  7.9g

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